Everyone has beliefs that are controversial or unpopular, here are some of the unpopular opinions that I have:


  • Taylor Swift is so annoying. Everyone loves her but I don’t trust her at all, idk there’s just something shady about her.


  • I don’t like doughnuts or cakes. They are too dry and make me feel so disgusting after eating them.


  • “Elf” is the worst Christmas film/ film ever. It’s painfully unfunny and just stupid.


  • I don’t think vegans are that bad. People make jokes but I think it’s admirable what they do.


  • The Hunger Games is overrated. It was pretty average at the time it came out.


  • Severus Snape was a bad person and not at all redeemable. He was a bully.


  • Dreamworks is so much better than Disney. I still laugh at every single Dreamworks film I watch.


  • I have pineapple on my pizza and it’s great.


  • I like iOS 10.


  • Sloths are weird and I don’t get why people obsess over them.