Happiness is very weird. It comes from the smallest of things at the most random times. I find it really hard to plan happiness. I never start the day saying “Today is going to be the best day ever and I’m going to be so happy”, because by the rules of the universe, that wouldn’t happen.

The truth is that the formula for happiness is a very difficult one to get right. There might be times when you have a great day and you think Wow, my life is amazing. What am I worried about?, but there will also be days where you are really upset and pessimistic. It is crucial to remember that there will be days (or weeks) when nothing goes right, or you just feel unhappy for no reason, and that’s okay. You will also go through hardships where at the time, it seems like it will never get better. However, you need to be able to notice the silver lining. Life often works itself out.

People assume that to be happy is to be at a constant high in life, but I think you just need to be content with every aspect of your life. If you are not content with something, then do whatever you can to change it, because nothing is more important than being happy within yourself. It is not selfish to want the best for yourself, although other people will tell you different.

So, is it selfish if your road to happiness blocks someone else’s? I say no. Most people want the best for others, which is great! You often even feel better about yourself if you help someone else feel happier. Although it’s nice when people are happy, your own happiness should never be jeopardized for someone else’s. Everyone deserves to be happy, and that includes you! Even though you are equal to everyone else, you need to value yourself enough to not put yourself through suffering because of another person. Every person is on their own journey, and we all find our own way, even around obstacles.

If you make life hard for others when you could have made it easier, then you should think about what you value. However, if you helping someone leaves you at a disadvantage then you should give it a pass. Life is way too short to not try to be as happy as you can be.